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Minecraft Mapper

Please Use c10t Instead

Cartograph doesn't run on OS X yet, so here's a shoddy Java version. Java 6 required.

It does now. Check out c10t here. The remainder of this page is maintained for historical purposes only.

  • Did you read the above text about c10t
  • Consider using pynemap. It's more featureful (oblique!) and has the potential to be faster (numpy! multiprocessing!), but you'll have to install PIL on OS X. If I had found pynemap earlier I never would've written this program.
  • You can patch Cartograph yourself to make it work... j005u has done exactly that.
  • There's a cleaner version of Cartograph here. Who knows, it might work on OSX.


  • 9 September 2010: uploaded 1.1 (now can rotate maps, added cartograph coloring mode w/ cartograph code).
  • 7 September 2010: uploaded 1.0 (initial version)


Uses Apache Sanselan and JGoodies Forms library.

Uses colors from Cartograph for block colors. Cartograph coloring mode uses (adapted) cartograph code.

Source Code

Source code is here: http://github.com/wshallum/mcmapper. Please modify to your heart's content. Requests for me to add/fix things will likely be ignored as this is a hobby project and it's good enough for me as it is.
William Shallum,
Sep 7, 2010, 7:00 AM
William Shallum,
Sep 9, 2010, 9:21 AM