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Accessing the WAN port on Fonera 2.0n with PPPoE

posted Apr 16, 2011, 10:40 PM by William Shallum   [ updated May 12, 2013, 7:13 PM ]
I have a Fonera 2.0n (with developer image installed), it is set to use PPPoE over its WAN port. My DSL modem is a Billion BIPAC 5210S. To access the DSL modem, an IP address must be assigned to the WAN interface of the Fonera.

The WAN interface is eth0.2 (determined from viewing the commandline used by pppd). 

After giving it an IP address...

# ifconfig eth0.2 up

...the ping to the DSL modem should work.

# ping

I still can't route this back to my LAN ( - probably need to tweak the iptables rules, but I can use SSH with port forwarding to access the DSL modem web UI. 

To port forward in PuTTY: Connection > SSH > Tunnels Source port 8000, Destination, Local. Don't forget to click the add button.
In ssh: -L 8000: