William Shallum


Some commands for the TP-LINK TD-W8151N telnet / command line interface (this was a “free” modem from the phone company / DSL ISP).

Wireless lan (rtwlan):

rtwlan enableap
rtwlan disableap
rtwlan node index <1-4> # select WLAN configuration
rtwlan node display # display selected index configuration
rtwlan node hidessid <0/1>
rtwlan node wirelessmode <0-11> # (0-11b/g mixed,1-11b only,4-11g only,6-11n_2_4G,7-11gn mixed,9-11bgn_mixed,11-11n_5G)
rtwlan node authmode <wepauto|open|shared|wpapsk|wpa2psk|wpa|wpa2|wpa1wpa2|wpapskwpa2psk|waicert|waipsk>
rtwlan node encryptype <none|wep64|web128|tkip|aes|tkipaes>
rtwlan node wpapsk 
rtwlan node accesspolicy <0-2> # ACL for this SSID (0-disable,1-allow following MACs,2-reject following MACs)
rtwlan node acladdentry ma:ca:dd:re:ss:01;ma:ca:dd:re:ss:02;... # set the ACL (full replace, not add), to empty use ""
rtwlan node save # save modified config