William Shallum

Resuming XCode Download from Apple

Posted Aug 12 2011, 19:06 by William Shallum [updated Aug 15 2011, 13:26]

The XCode 3.2.6 download is 4.1 GB and you just don’t download files that big in one sitting where I am.

Updated: use the adc_download.sh script from here instead. Safari seems to stop downloading and considers it complete when it isn’t. Whether this is related to it showing only 2GB in the downloads window is unknown. The following info is here just to let you know that downloads from a previous session need to be cleared from the list before you can resume it by opening the partial download from Finder.

To resume the download:

  1. Stop the download.
  2. Quit Safari.
  3. Reopen Safari (probably after turning off the mac, 2 days later, etc.).
  4. Login to connect.apple.com.
  5. Click any other download. this will do some processing, set some cookies(?) and redirect to adcdownload.apple.com for the download.
  6. Open the Safari downloads window, stop the other download.
  7. Show the other download in Finder, delete the download, and clear it from the list of Safari downloads.
  8. The old XCode download should still be in the Safari download list. It cannot be resumed while it is there, so remove it from the list.
  9. Open the .download file in finder, this will resume the download.

TODO: it shows 4.1 GB in connect.apple.com, why is it showing 2GB in the downloads window (truncated to max signed 32bit)? Will it finish downloading properly? No, no it won’t.