William Shallum

tunnelbroker.net (HE) IPv6 routed /64 as default address

Posted Apr 3 2014, 00:35 by William Shallum [updated Oct 2 2014, 08:22]

By default the configuration from tunnelbroker.net uses the client IPv6 address of the tunnel as your IPv6 address. The problem with this is that this address cannot have reverse DNS set for it. I asked their support and they said it is not possible to set reverse DNS for the tunnel IPv6 address. However, you can use the routed /64 instead. The reverse DNS for this subnet can be delegated to your server (or any server). The question then becomes, how do you set the address in the routed /64 as the default outgoing address.

Refer to http://www.davidc.net/networking/ipv6-source-address-selection-linux for more details on the source address selection. You need to add another address then deprecate the original IPv6 endpoint address.

auto he-ipv6
iface he-ipv6 inet6 v4tunnel
    netmask 64
    endpoint IPV4-SERVER-ADDRESS
    ttl 255
    post-up ip addr add ADDRESS-IN-ROUTED-SUBNET scope global dev $IFACE
    post-up ip addr change $IF_ADDRESS/$IF_NETMASK dev $IFACE preferred_lft 0
    pre-down ip addr del ADDRESS-IN-ROUTED-SUBNET scope global dev $IFACE