William Shallum

Disabling gnome-keyring-daemon SSH agent on MATE Desktop

Posted Feb 26 2016, 13:29 by William Shallum [updated Feb 26 2016, 13:33]

The mate-session-manager starts gnome-keyring-daemon by default with all components enabled, including the SSH agent. This is less than optimal since the SSH agent lacks a lot of features compared to OpenSSH’s ssh-agent (e.g. support for ECDSA and Ed25519 keys).

To stop this from happening you need to change the value of a key in gsettings:

$ gsettings get org.mate.session gnome-compat-startup
['smproxy', 'keyring']
$ gsettings set org.mate.session gnome-compat-startup "['smproxy']"
$ gsettings get org.mate.session gnome-compat-startup

That’s not all. MATE actually includes autostart entries - enabled by default - for all 3 components of gnome-keyring-daemon (which makes it a little curious why mate-session-manager starts it unconditionally). It just takes a few clicks to disable:

$ mate-session-properties
# uncheck SSH Key Agent and maybe others.